Covid-19 have made almost any human living on earth, thinking to her/his health. Now is one of the times that the highest majority of human being are listening to the health news, to the medical research topics and to the concepts that was formerly just the epidemiologists affairs, the health statistics.

A young woman jogging in the nature
A young woman jogging. Photo from: Step to health

Why human have reach to the point that it have a return to history. Why we are again struggling with what we did on 1918s. We are again covering our faces, we are again seeing super-society or populations, the vaccinated/healed individuals. What was human doing in a century. We…

Hong Kong was known by modern society as a symbol of modern and high-tech society in Asia, even before recent china developments. But after returning of Hong Kong to china, and establishment of communist regulations of china in this region, in the first decades, the Hong Kong society resisted and when little by lithely they found their British heritage democracy in real danger, the turmoils and unrest commenced. The Hong Kong civilizations used very peaceful rallies and attempted to use creative methods for expressing their democratic inquiries.

But they encountered the harsh responses of police and many arrested or punished…

Reza Assadi

CEO of DoNotEdit, Health researcher and activist and University Professor. Consultant of WHO and UN and an artist.

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